About Cancer hospital

Dr. D.K. Gosavi

Sanjeevan Medical Foundation a Public Charitable Trust registered under the Bombay Public Charitable Trust Act 1950 has set-up a full fledged Cancer Hospital at Miraj, District Sangli in the state of Maharashtra.The hospital has been set-up in collaboration with Tata Memorial Hospital, Bombay and with the support of Rotary Club of Miraj and Indian Cancer Society, Sangli District Branch to meet the need of the poor and rural community of this area, particularly those who are suffering from Cancer and are under the shadow of this dreaded disease.

The aim and objective to provide specialized care in the field of cancer and to provide the state of art treatment of international standard was promised in the beginning and we feel proud to have achieved this.

Apart from local region, we cater the need of a large number of rural population coming from the regions of North Karnataka, (i.e. Belgaum, Bijapur, Bagalkot, Gulbarga & Dharwad Districts) Western Maharshtra, Konkan area (i.e. Sangli, Kolhapur, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Satara, & Solapur Districts) and Goa seeking help for their cancer patients. An approximate population of one crore will be beneficiary of this project.

Dr. D.K. Gosavi, an eminent ENT surgeon from Miraj, came across several patients in his practice who suffered from head and neck cancers. Treating these individuals was always a frustrating experience, as a large percentage of them were advanced cases and facilities for comprehensive cancer care were not available locally. Most of the patient had to be referred for Mumbai for further management that placed a considerable strain on their finance and time. The long queues in the metropolitan city added to further discomfiture and the disease relentlessly progressed in the meantime.

All this had to change. The suffering human beings, their distraught relative and medical fraternity perceived the need of a center in the vicinity to tackles the problems relative and cancers. It is often said that- “Necessity is the mother of invention” and sensing this need, Dr. D.K. Gosavi conceptualized the project of a cancer hospital in the decade of 1990. A great deal of ground work and planning had to be done and this was very able carried out by the members / trustees of Sanjeevan Medical Foundation, under his dynamic leadership .

The response to this concept was overwhelming. Help came from four corners of India and also from overseas destinations. Cancer specialist of national and international repute such as Dr. Praful Desai, offered advice and suggestions that was of sterling quality, Shri Shidhivinayak ganapati mandhir (Mumbai) , Department of atomic energy (DAE), govt. of Maharashtra, municipal corporation of sangli, miraj and kupawad , share and care foundation (USA), Tata Memorial Hospital (Mumbai), are a few names in the long li9st of benevolent donors. These and many individual offered there help and stood behind the project liked a solid rock.

This support encouraged Dr. Gosavi and his team members enormously. The original idea to start a small community cancers centers to provide basic management of euplastic disease rapidly metamorphosed and it was decided to built a modern, state of art Cancer hospital.







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