Surgical Oncology

The surgery department of Shri Siddhivinayak Ganpati Cancer Hospital started functioning right from the day of inception of this hospital and was guided & blessed by stalwarts in the field of surgical oncology Dr. Prafful Desai and Dr. Sultan Pradhan. In fact all initial surgeries were performed by Dr. Prafful Desai and his team.

The personnel

Today this department is headed by Dr. Vikas Gosavi, a senior surgeon trained in Wanless Hospital, Miraj in late 1970’s, a well known institute then for advanced cancer treatment. Having gathered experience for more than 30 yrs he is putting in dedicated efforts in onco-surgery for last 8 yrs.

Dr. Vivek Kulkarni and Dr. Priyadarshan Chitale are trained for 3 yrs in fellowship programs of Tata Memorial Hospital and are recognized fellows in surgical oncology. They have made their impact in the development of this speciality for last 5 to 6 yrs.

Dr. Shriniketan Kale is fresh ( in onco-surgery from Tata Memorial Hospital joined 1 yr ago and is working with Dr. Gosavi.

The scope

Under this specialty more than 750 major complex surgeries are undertaken a year and equal is the number of small cases & endoscopies.

The supra major surgeries include Head & Neck surgeries with Reconstruction, Surgeries for cancer of oesophagus & stomach. Hepatobiliary & pancreatic tumours, colon & Rectal cancers and cancers of Female Genital Tract like ovarian cancer & cancer cervix.

>Laproscopic surgery is undertaken for diagnostic & staging procedure, for Colon & Rectal cancers and for Cervical Cancer – still in progress.

Dr. Priyadarshan Chitale and Dr. Vivek Kulkarni have received fellowship in laparoscopic surgery and have made remarkable contribution to this field.

Micro vascular Surgery

Dr. Shriniketan Kale is giving shape to this specialty & so far free Radial artery Forearm Flap & Free Fubular Grafts have been used successfully in Reconstruction of Head & Neck defects.

Thoracic surgery –
- Lung Resections & Metastectomies have been successfully carried out.
- Three field oesophagectomy is routinely done for carcinoma of oesophagus having subcarinal lesions.
Surgery for Breast Cancer –
- Breast conservative surgery is done routinely along with modified radical mastectomy.
- Three field oesophagectomy is routinely done for carcinoma of oesophagus having subcarinal lesions.

Endoscopy Facilities

The department is well equipped with state of the art latest generation Olympus video endoscopes for upper & lower GIT & various diagnostic & few therapeutic endoscopies are done routinely.

State of the art operation theatres –

There are four well equipped air conditioned operation theatres with all modern gadgets required for modern & safe Anesthesia & surgery. This makes difficult & tiring surgeries possible with less fatigue to operating team & makes the prolonged surgeries safe for the cancer patients who have compromised physical state.

Intensive care unit

The post operative care is equally important part and is well taken by dedicated, trained I.C.U. staff. The patients are monitored round the clock with multichannel monitors. The I.C.U. is air conditioned & has advanced artificial ventilators, perfusion pumps & other life support equipments. The post operative care in jointly taken by the Anesthesiologist, the surgeon & the Intensivist Physician.

The planning

All the patients seen in the department of surgical O.P.D. are discussed every week in a Tumour Board Meeting comprising of all specialties. Their proper planning is done according to International Standards & NCCN guidelines. Rare & controversial cases are planned after good discussion of specialists of different treatment modalities. Priority modality is selected here & multi modal approach is decided wherever indicated.

Follow up

All the patients are given discharge summary sheet which mentions follow up protocol & future plan of action.

Follow up in due course, investigations & required treatment, helps patients in improving disease free survival & overall survival.

Thus from planning, adequate proper surgery which may be at times extensive & challenging, minimize morbidity, disfigurement and helps to preserve good organ function. Dedicated post op care & watchful follow up makes cancer patients Happy with minimal post op mortality & morbidity & do have significant overall survival.

Consultant Profile


Dr. Vikas GosaviM.S. (Gen. Surg.)

Dept.- Surgical Oncology


Dr. Vivek KulkarniM. S. (Gen. Surg.), F.M.A.S.

Dept.- Surgical Oncology


Dr. Priyadarshan ChitaleM.S., F.M.A.S.

Dept.- Surgical Oncology


Dr. Shriniketan KaleM.S. M.Ch

Dept.- Surgical Oncology