Bone Cancer Treatment

Depending on the type of bone cancer patient have, the main treatment will include a combination of:<.p>

  • Chemotherapy - treatment using powerful cancer-killing medication
  • Radiotherapy - where pulses of radiation are used to destroy cancerous cells
  • Surgery - to remove the section of cancerous bone

In many cases, it is possible to reconstruct the bone that has been removed. This is known as limb-sparing surgery. However, sometimes the only way to treat bone cancer is to amputate some, or all, of the limb. Due to advances in diagnosis and treatment, only a minority of patients (around one-in-seven cases) need an amputation.

Chemotherapy treatments are usually given in cycles. A cycle involves taking the chemotherapy medication for several days, then having a break for a few weeks to allow patient body to recover from the effects of the treatment.

The number of cycles patient need will depend on the type and grade of patient bone cancer.

Chemotherapy for bone cancer involves taking a combination of different medications. These are usually delivered via a drip into patient vein, or into a tube connected to one of the blood vessels in patient chest.

Radiotherapy is usually given five days a week with a break from treatment over the weekend. Each session of radiotherapy usually lasts around 10 to 15 minutes. Most people require between two and five weeks of treatment.