Pancreas Cancer Treatment

Cancer of the pancreas is very difficult to treat. In its early stages, this type of cancer rarely causes symptoms, so its often not detected until its quite advanced. If the tumor is large or has spread, treating or curing the cancer is much harder.

Deciding what treatment is best for patient can be a difficult process. Theres a lot to take in, so its important to talk about the possible alternatives with a family member or friend. Patient should also have an in-depth discussion with patient doctor, who can tell patient the pros and cons of the treatments available to patient.

Surgery is usually the only way pancreatic cancer can be completely cured. However, as the condition is usually advanced by the time its diagnosed, surgery is only suitable for around 15-20% of people. Surgery for pancreatic cancer is usually only an option for people who have a good general level of health. This is because pancreas surgery is often long and complex, and the recovery process can be slow.

Chemotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses anti-cancer medicines to either kill the cancerous (malignant) cells in patient body or stop them multiplying. Combining chemotherapy medications can give a better chance of shrinking or controlling the cancer, but increases the chance of side effects. Sometimes, the risks of chemotherapy can outweigh the potential benefits.