Stomach Cancer Treatment

The main treatments for stomach cancer are surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Patient may have one of these treatments or a combination, depending on patient individual circumstances and stage of Stomach cancer.

Surgery is mainly used if stomach cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, whereas chemotherapy and radiotherapy tend to be used when the condition is diagnosed at a later stage.

The primary aim of treatment, where possible, is to completely remove the tumor and any other cancerous cells in patient body. Its estimated that a cure is possible in 20-30% of stomach cancer cases.

If this is not possible, doctors will focus on trying to prevent the tumor from getting any bigger and causing any further harm to patient body. This may be done using surgery or chemotherapy. In some cases, its not possible to eliminate the cancer or slow it down. In this case, patient treatment will aim to relieve patient symptoms and make patient as comfortable as possible, usually with surgery or radiotherapy.

Patient may have chemotherapy for stomach cancer before surgery, as this will reduce the amount of cancer that has to be removed in patient operation. Patient may also have chemotherapy after surgery to destroy any remaining cancer cells in body and prevent the cancer from coming back.

Radiotherapy uses beams of high energy radiation to destroy cancer cells. It is not often used to treat stomach cancer because there is a risk that other organs close to patient stomach might be damaged by the treatment.